Jury Session

The international jury is responsible for the evaluation of all entered submissions.

Every year there are 2 groups of judges before the Award Ceremony can be held. The first jury session is starting right after the final deadline to send your submissions. In this session, the judges will evaluate the contributions with a point system (0 - 10) of the following valuation basis.

The second jury session will be held in Berlin, just a few days before the Award Ceremony at ITB Berlin.

Group 1:

The 1st group rates the contributions of all 18 categories. The members determine the nominees and winners of the awards in gold, silver and bronze. This jury additionally can appoint a Master Award for exceptional work and solutions. The total points of the films in the individual categories will be divided by the jury according to national and international points.

Group 2:

The 2nd group chooses the "DIAMOND AWARD - Winner” out of all previous category-winners.

This last jury's decision is binding and will be kept secret till the Award Ceremony on the 2nd business day of ITB Berlin.

The procedure may be different when ITB Berlin is held digital or may even be cancelled again.

Every year the jury review session starts with the statement: "Every submitted film is a good one".

A total of 45 internationally independent jurors rate the submitted entries. Half of these jury members are replaced each year by new appointed members. The jury members are specialists in their respective field of work, such as tour operators, professors, students, executives, directors, ministers, consuls, ambassadors and artists. Most of them are frequent travelers themselves.

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