In 2024 there are 18 categories in the competition

Main Categories


The category "Country" focuses on individual countries or several national destinations or regions.

Examples include: States, continents, destinations, or even national parks, which extend over several regions.


In this category, touristic films need to be a central element of a larger (national or international) campaign. They should not just stand for themselves. The film(s) should be accompanied by other formats such as print, poster or online (e.g. Landing Pages) as well as other public actions.


Regions are areas that are broadly divided by physical characteristics or the interaction of humanity and the environment. Geographic regions and sub-regions are mostly described by their imprecisely defined, and sometimes transitory boundaries, such as national borders or areas. Examples: Places, Communities, Geographic Regions.


This category focuses on individual cities that can last from small to big. This also includes the city marketing of a city. Examples: Cities, places, city tourism, city museums, castles, architecture, history or gardens as tourist attractions.


This category focuses on individual hotels, hotel brands or hotel groups that cinematically depict either a specific location, a special event / anniversary or their brand essence. Examples are: hotel chains, hotels, as well as wellness, SPA, but also restaurants if they are connected to a specific hotel.


This category addresses all cinematic works in the wide area of airlines and their surrounding industry. Examples: Airports, Airlines, caterers and special airline services.

Sub Categories


This category features content from a bride variety of museums and archives which bring the world's treasures to it´s specific audience.

Examples: Art-, culture-, home-, technology-, future-, History- and private museums as well as monument protection activities.


This category typically involves travel companies or destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Eco/Rural Tourism is intended to offer tourists an insight into the impact of human beings on the environment and to foster a greater appreciation of our natural habitats.

Examples: Companies dealing with Green Tourism, Health Tourism or Sustainable Tourism.

Also sport activities in the area to maintain health and strength are integrated.


This category features new ways of reaching tourist or its specific needs. This includes: New media methods and techniques for the tourism industry. Choose this category for Short Stories in Social Media.


This category features all musical works, which are used in a tourist context and (in the broadest sense) are aimed at the needs of the tourists. All kinds of video clips with touristic aspects up to a length of 5 minutes.


This category deals with the focus on all online advertorials or websites which are prepared to reach the audience in any kind of digital way. Examples: Online Presence and Websites, Apps, Banners, Social Media Accounts/Profiles.


This category features commercials for TV or cinema.

Example: Commercials with touristic content. Length up to 90 sec.


This category features all activities by the Caravaning industry. Length up to 5 mins.


Safety Videos for Airlines to showcase the usage of any Safety Instructions onboard of an aircraft.


This category features all further varieties of the tourism industry, which are not specifically covered in another category, but is still part of the tourism industry.

Example Branches: Local and long distance transportation services, Cruise Ships, Ferries, Car Rentals, Amusement Parks, Travel Insurance and Outfitters.


This category deals with all kinds of events which were organized to attract tourists or business travelers. Examples: MICE, Event locations, Fairs, Spaces, Places, Roadshows, Buildings or any other Touristic Events.


This category deals with the classical advertising in a printed format and haptic materials.

Examples: Print-Campaigns, Posters, Leaflets, Brochures, Books, Packages, Corporate Image Campaigns.


This category deals with everything about the Chef in a kitchen of a hotel or restaurant. In this case, food preparation is the profession and the job is often focusing on a particular cuisine. Example: Hotel´s kitchen or hotel restaurants.


This categoriy focusses on TV magazines that present touristic content in specific destinations.

Examples: Travel documentations and other video content.

Length: usually 5min and longer.

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