Every year the jury is starting the review with the statement "every submitted film is a good one". 

Altogether 40 independent judges evaluate the submitted entries. Half of these jury members are replaced by new appointed members every single year. The jury members are specialists in their specific field of work, such as artists, travel agents, professors, students, executives, directors, ministers, consuls, ambasserdors and even travelers themselves.


The Jury

There are two groups of judges.

The judges will evaluate the contributiono on a point system (0 - 10) with the following valuation basis.

Jury group 1 rates the contributions of all categories. The members determine the nominees and winners of the awards in gold, silver and bronze.

The jury can additionally appoint a Master Award for exceptional work and solutions.


Jury group 2 selects the winner of the "DIAMOND AWARD” out of all winners of the other categories

The jury's decision is binding. The decision is final. 


If you are interested in being appointed as a judge, please contact us at:

The selection of judges will be made out of the order of registration.